Switch Kit

Switch Kit
Make the Switch to Embassy


Step 1: Select and open your new Embassy Checking Account
Our business and personal checking accounts are described here:

Once you've selected your account, complete and fax or bring by your account opening form:

Step 2: Get Direct Deposit
Print and complete the Direct Deposit Request Form, and take it to your employer’s payroll department:

Step 3: Automatic payments switched over
Please complete the Automatic Payment Change Form to change any automatic payments coming from your old account to your new Embassy account:

Step 4: Remember to close your old account
First, make sure that all checks and transactions have cleared in your old account.
Next, make sure any authorized payments, including automatic payments are being paid from your new Embassy account. Lastly, also make sure any requested direct deposit and/or other credits are being deposited into your new Embassy account.

NOTE:  For your convenience, all forms in this resource can be printed at the same time by clicking here:

Additionally:  If you are paying bills online, or would like to start with your new Embassy account, it’s easy to set up with BillPay for personal accounts and BizPay for business accounts.

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