Embassy Helps Hospitality Industry with PPP Loans

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May 5, 2020

Embassy customers have been looking for help during the economic crisis due to COVID-19. We are helping customers with PPP loans and solutions to keep their employees paid and keep their businesses running. Here is what one of our customers had to say:

“I filled out the PPP application and uploaded everything to my contact at Embassy. I sent 3-4 companies at 5pm. At 5:09, 5:11, and 5:12, I received an email that my contact successfully downloaded my files.

Then I remembered for one of my companies I forgot to include the new account application. So I quickly uploaded the single file at 6:05pm on Friday night, and by 6:10pm I was alerted that it had been downloaded. I figured it would be Monday until my files were accessed, but downloading the files sped up the entire process. The Embassy team is so organized and vigilant – your system is working!

And for God’s sake, this was day 1 of the PPP program. In a time where we are scared for our livelihood, our businesses, our hotels and our gas stations, it was reassuring to finally feel like someone has got this down. Great job to you, great job to the Embassy team!”

Shan Sultan, Commercial Investment Solutions, Inc.


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