Which Account is Right for You?


Other details and fees such as non-sufficient funds, wire fees, etc. may apply. Speak with one of our staff and request a copy of our fee schedule for more information.

Embassy National Bank has simplified the process of opening a business account.

We only need the following two documents to get started:

  1. Taxpayer Identification

    We require a Business tax ID number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) to open a new account. If your business is a sole proprietorship, you can simply use your Social Security Number. Additionally, everyone who will be an authorized check signer or make transactions on behalf of the business must have a Social Security Number and government-issued photo identification.

  2. Legal Structure of Your Business

    Embassy National Bank may require specific documentation to determine the legal structure of your company. These may include Articles of Organization, articles of incorporation, or a charter. We may also be able to accept similar legal documentation that demonstrates when your business was formed. If you have a sole proprietorship, these documents may not be required.