Why Small Businesses should Partner with Community Banks

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June 15, 2020

Behind every small business is a story; it starts with a personal dream and a goal for the future. Starting a business means combining a great idea with ambition and patience. Along with this passion, there are many factors to consider when starting a project. With concerns such as attracting customers, finding suitable employees, and understanding city regulations, small business owners have their plates full. And this doesn’t even begin to cover the financial needs.

From conventional small business support to PPP loans, community banks are a great resource for turning ideas into a reality. These banks understand the importance of small businesses, and are willing to make investments to strengthen their community. Large banks may offer support, but they often do not see the direct results and impact of their actions. Community banks go above and beyond financial needs, with personal assistance and extra time dedicated to customers. These bank representatives personally know the people and dreams behind the numbers.

SBA and USDA loans are essential in getting businesses off the ground. The expertise that community banks offer make all the difference, and help people navigate the application process along with effective budgeting. Community banks have experience and resources to help small businesses, along with a team willing to go the extra mile.

Embassy National Bank is proud to represent and support businesses in Atlanta and beyond. As one of the top SBA lenders in Georgia, Embassy is prepared to help businesses survive the starting up period and in the long run. Our team has experience across industries, including retail, hospitality and medical. We understand that our community is made up of stories, and each one is important. No matter the circumstance, Embassy is ready to put in the time it takes to see local businesses succeed. Talk to us about today about simplifying your business banking.


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